Learn To Dance The Turkish Way!

The most popular and well known dance in Turkish culture is undoubtedly the oriental  dance  or more  commonly  known  as belly  dancing.  This  dance  is performed  by female dancers called “danseuse” and is usually performed at venues at night and from time  to time on television. Belly dancing became a part  of  Turkish  culture due  to  the  historical the

Popular folk dances are horon,  halay  and  çiftetelli  whereas  popular  modern dances  are  mainly  Latin dances.  The  people  in  Turkey  learn  how  to  dance at events  like  weddings, engagement  parties  or  by  attending  school  clubs for folk  dancing.  However due to the increase in the number of dance shows on TV in recent years the interest  in  Latin  dance  courses  have  increased.  Simple  dance  lessons  are given to tourists visiting Turkey in their hotels and other resorts. By learning these simple dance lessons you can dance the moves you know at fun nights out or at home.

If  you  want  to  learn  Turkish  folklore  dancing  instead  of  the  touristic  belly dancing  you  should  go  to  a  folk  bar  or participate  in a  traditional  Turkish night. You can join the people dancing after the music starts and just have a lot  of  fun.  After  repeating  this  a  couple  of  times you  will  be  able  to  dance these  simple  dances  like  a  professional.  These  dances  are  performed  in groups, so when you go back to your country if you want to dance the dances you  learned  again,  you  can  organize  a  Turkish  night and show  off  your  new dance styles.

During your time spent in Turkey, if you want to learn Western dances instead of traditional Turkish dances, you can sign up as a single person or a couple to participate in Western dance courses. In the little resort areas of Aegean and Mediterranean you can find dance courses from salsa to cha cha or from the Waltz to ballet. After learning these dances you can put on a show and impress your friends and family during your dinner parties.