Join the excitement of living in Turkey

If you join the richness of daily life in Turkey once, you would never want to leave. There are so many exciting and satisfying things to do in the country where every street, every corner, every moment are full of exciting surprises. You can go to different hobby courses and improve yourself, or enjoy a wide range of sports activities for a healthy life, use health products, witness unique beauties of nature or join Turkey’s vibrant world of entertainment. Once you have done these, you will realize that Turkey is not only a country full of historical buildings and artifacts, but it also has more opportunities than one can expect to feel happy and enjoy the life. In this sense, Turkey is a journey in which you can realize yourself, a journey that takes you from grand and magnificent beauties to mundane daily happiness.

In Turkey, there are dozens of different hobbies that you can enjoy in daily life. You can join courses to learn how to cook the a delicious cuisine of the country, learn the language so that you can feel the culture, or go to a dance course. If these are not enough for you, you can go to sports halls or find gorgeous places to take a nature walk for a more healthy life. You may consider living in Turkey only because of the delicious food. Geographical, geological, climate and ecological diversity of Turkey adorn the country with rare natural beauties. Nature walks in Turkey are not confined to vacations, but are a normal part of the daily life.  Participating in weekend nature walks and climbing organized by nature clubs are widespread leisure activities in Turkey. You will find a dazzling number of places to visit from unique waterfalls, to natural sites like Pamukkale and green valleys scattered across the country. A wide diversity of wildlife in their natural habitats is one of the most attractive features for visitors.

If these are not satisfying enough for you, you can try the bustling nightlife in one of the colorful entertainment venues that the big cities have to offer. A vast diversity of entertainment options are available, ranging from Greek pubs, to fasıl nights, from Türkü pubs to disco, rock bars and sıra nights of Eastern Anatolia that offer dozens of entertainment places with distinctive cultural traditions. Entertainment is a part of the daily rhythm of life in available throughout the country.  One of the favorite after-work entertainment choices in the country is to go to a bar with live music or come together with friends for a dinner of fish and rakı at a pub.