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Turkey’s Above And Underground Magnificance

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Turkey's Above And Underground Magnificance

Turkish  geography,  with  its  wide  variety  of  geological  structures,  awaits  the adventure  and  exploration  enthusiasts  to  visit  its mountains  and  caves. Turkey’s growing cave tourism attracts tourists with equipped or unequipped guided cave tours. Ample in geological structures, the famous summer resort city  of  the  Mediterranean,  Antalya,  is  one  of  the  richest  regions  in  terms  of caves.   Antalya   offers   a   perfect   nature   experience   for   tourists   with   its exquisite   shores   and   caves.   These   caves   are,   Damlataş,   Dim,   Karain, Yalandünya and Zeytintasi caves. In particular, one of Turkey’s biggest natural caves, Karain, is home to  the oldest human  remains in Anatolia  and, around the cave area you can also find Greek and Roman remains and inscriptions. 


If your trip is mainly based around Istanbul, and if you want to experience the excitement of exploring a cave, you should visit the Yarımburgaz cave located in  Altınşehir  district  1.5  kilometers  north  of  Küçü kçekmece  lake. If  you’re planning  your  trip  near  the  famous  resort  areas  of Muğla,  you  can  visit the Fosforlu Cave and Yerküpe cave. For those of you who are planning on going to Cappadocia and Central Anatolia, you can drop by Konya and  explore yet another cave called the Tınaztepe Grotto. 




One of  the many natural wonders you can choose to see during your visit to Turkey are its  magnificent mountains. In Ağrı, a city named after the highest mountain   in   Turkey,   Mount   Ağrı,   is   truly   a   natural wonder,   famous throughout the history with its breath-taking view.

An alternative is to drive to the peak of Mount Nemrut, located in Adıyaman, to see giant sculptures of the ancient Kingdoms of Commagene. Seeing these sculptures  at  dawn  or  at  sunset  is usually one  of  the   most  enjoyable moments for tourists.


Ski enthusiasts and mountaineers  travel  to Mount  Erciyes in  Kayseri. Mount Erciyes, an extinct volcano, offers its guests a spectacular view of a wide area stretching from the Taurus Mountains to Cappadocia.

One  of  the  main  preferences  of  mountaineers are  the Kaçkar  Mountains located in Rize. During your visit to Turkey, if you happen to travel along the Black  Sea  Region,  for  an  adventure  stop  by the Kaçkar  mountains,  four thousand meters in height. Kaçkar is also home to a glacier lake called Deniz Lake. Kaçkar Mountains has many different climbing routes and will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Lastly,  due  to  its  location  being  in  the  West,  Mount  Uludağ  is  frequently visited  by  tourists from nearby  cities.  You  can  add  Mount  Uludağ,  home  to the largest winter tourism center in Turkey, to your list of places to visit. With its wide variety of climbing routes, Uludağ offers a real challenge for climbers, especially during the winter months.