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A Wonder Of Waterfalls To Behold

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A Wonder Of Waterfalls To Behold


The Anatolian region has been the host of a unique beauty and abundance of water resources. For this reason, waterfalls are also among the first and foremost natural beauties of Anatolia besides lakes, rivers and streams. It is possible to find waterfalls used for picnic and recreation areas in every region of the country. If you want to explore various natural beauties while having a break from the sea and sand during your vacation in Turkey, you should go to the nearest waterfall and witness the magical atmosphere of these water wonders. Time spent near waterfalls or swimming in lakes they fall into together with the ambiance created by the sound of water, will mesmerize you.

When it comes to waterfalls, one of the richest regions in Turkey is the Mediterranean’s most beautiful city Antalya. Located in the Manavgat district with a distance of 72 km from Antalya province, the Manavgat waterfall, although not so tall, is popular among visitors for its width, flow rate, picnic facilities and restaurants offering fresh fish. The Düden Waterfall, with a 10-km distance to the city center and with a 40-meter height, is a frequently visited place because of its proximity to the city. Kurşunlu Waterfall, located near the Isparta-Antalya highway, draws many visitors because of the blue lake it falls into and its rich vegetation surroundings. Next to Tortum Lake in Erzurum, Tortum Waterfall offers a real natural feast.

Located in the Yusufeli district of Artvin with a fall from a height of 165 meters, Ciro Waterfall attracts visitors as being the tallest waterfall in Turkey. Located in the Hadim district of the Central Anatolian province, the Konya, Yerköprü Waterfall by the Göksu River comes out after flowing through a 500-meter long cave. While there are swimming and picnic areas around the waterfall, a nearby electricity generation facility can also be visited. Located 30 km from the Eastern Anatolian province Erzincan with a 40-meter height, Girlevik Waterfall offers visitors the opportunity to have picnics close to nature with its wild running water that can freeze in winter. Located in the Mustafakemalpaşa district of Bursa province, 38-meter high Suuçtu Waterfall is preferred for its proximity to Istanbul as well its unique beauty and clean air.

On the slopes descending to the Mercan Deresi Valley in the Ovacık district of Tunceli province, you can find the Kırk Merdiven Waterfall which attracts visitors with its unique beauty as a waterfall falling from very high down into a narrow canyon. This natural phenomenon and landscape, Kırk Merdiven Waterfall is 5 km away from Elbaba village near Ovacık. Located in the Muradiye district in Van province, the majestic 50-meter high Muradiye Waterfall is one of the must-visit places displaying a distinct beauty in each season, with its peaceful atmosphere, and ideal camping facilitates. Waterfall create a magical world in the winter months by becoming completely frozen. The waterfalls of the rich Anatolian region are definitely among the must-see places for tourists visiting Turkey.