Ballet Is Alive And Well In Turkey

The art of Ballet in Turkey is mainly carried out by the State Opera and Ballet. The institution prepares yearly programs, performs shows and plays an important role in improving the development of this art form in Turkey. During the summer months there are no staged shows in the big cities, however, there are festivals organized in the southern cities for art enthusiasts. In this regard, if you happen to go to Bodrum during your trip, you can join the International Bodrum Ballet Festival. Plays like “Hamlet” and “Carmen” have been staged during this festival for ballet enthusiasts.  Additionally, you can track the schedules of the International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival” held in Antalya.

One of the most well-known danseurs of Turkey is Tan Sağtürk. Sağtürk is the founder of “Sağtürk Academy” which offers education in different forms of dance including Ballet; Sağtürk Academy schools are found in Istanbul and other cities. Zerrin Arbaş, Tanju Tüzer, Sibel Sürel, Rengin Taş, Fahrettin Güven, Kerem Kuraner are among the famous Turkish danseurs and ballerinas. Some of these dancers, like Sağtürk, have opened dancing schools in Turkey to help this form of art to develop all over the country.


Ballet in Turkey gained a corporate representation with the State Opera and Ballet. First ballet school was founded in 1948 in Istanbul. Dame Ninette de Valois, the founder of Royal Ballet, spend a period of time working in Turkey and was one of the pioneers of Turkish ballet. “Pastoral Suite” and “Keloğlan” ballets are among the first ballet shows performed in Turkey. Nowadays ballet schools give great importance to children’s ballet to raise a new generation of dancers.

If you want to watch a ballet show of high quality with affordable ticket prices the first schedule you should look at should be the State Opera and Ballet schedule. Within the year you can have the opportunity of seeing a lot of local and foreign ballet shows. In the past year in Ankara ballet shows like “Hamlet”, “Harem”, and “Count Dracula” were staged. In Istanbul ballet shows of “The Sorrows of Young Wether”, “Afife”, and “Giselle” were staged. In Izmir ballet shows of, “Karbala” and “Sylvia” was performed.