Be Entertained All Day And All Night In Turkey

Turkey’s entertainment sector and opportunities allow both local and international tourists to live out unique memories and to rest after a tiresome year. All over Turkey there are festivals, sports tournaments, concerts, musical restaurants, folk music shows, oriental music and dance shows, night clubs and famous sira nights in the eastern cities that present a wide range of colorful and enjoyable entertainment options. You can join in on parties and recreational activities in city centers by reserving in advance and enjoy yourself to repletion; as well as attending the events planned by large hotels and tourism companies. During your visit it is highly advised to attend both traditional and modern entertainment activities so that you can fully feel the Turkish culture in your veins.

Traditional entertainment

If you want to try traditional entertainment events you should go to restaurants with folk music shows, attend oriental dance shows, folk dancing festivals and Eastern sira nights. It is possible to find restaurants with folk music shows in the Nevizade alley on Istiklal street in Istanbul. For example, you could go to the historical Cumhuriyet Tavern to feast on good food and good music. In Ankara to rest after a tiresome day, you can go to affordable restaurants of high quality in Çankaya for dinners that also music shows. If you are planning on drinking, don’t forget to plan ahead your commute back to your hotel.


During your trip, no matter where you are there are festivals you can attend. During the summer months festivals take place around the coastal regions of Turkey; and the rest of the year festivals take place frequently in the big cities. Especially in Istanbul and the Aegean coast you can watch movies or attend concerts that take place in many of the ancient ruins of the region. It will feel like you’re spending your evening in a magical place, being taken back in time while viewing modern film. or watch local performers and works of art. Furthermore you might get a chance to watch world famous artists visiting Turkey. If you’re planning to visit Anatolian cities and if you plan your trip according to the festival calendar of your destination city, you can witness the liveliness of the local culture.

Sira nights

Particularly, those of who planning to spend your holiday in the eastern cities of Turkey, attending the well-known sira nights is a must. Originally from Şanlıurfa, sira night tradition is approximately a century old tradition. This tradition started as meetings with “saz” (a Turkish stringed instrument) music, singing and chit chat. Today however, this special night has been updated and turned into a tourist attraction. You can witness Turkey’s rich cultural depth in these events where you can feast on delicious eastern cuisine and enjoy traditional music. Sira nights are often organized by some travel agencies, however you can easily join a suitable one through your hotel or the internet.