Choose Turkey for your Journey

Turkey is one of the most beautiful and inexpensive places for traveling both for business and for pleasure. Turkey, now the center of attention for millions of tourists around the world, is the home of many historical and natural beauties and it can offer you all the amenities of a modern lifestyle. If you are coming to Turkey for the first time, it will be most beneficial for you to organize your travels through an agency. After your first visit, your future travels can be unmediated. International flights are available across 21 different airports in Turkey and a significant portion of these airports are either in big cities or near vacation resorts.

You can also choose maritime transport as an alternative travel route to Turkey. Turkey has large port cities, such as Istanbul and Izmir with international passenger transportation facilities, where you will enjoy sea views during your voyage. Mediterranean cruises in Turkey that also stop at vacation areas will make your trip even more colorful. If you want to rent a car and enter Turkey from Europe, you should fulfill the required formalities on the Greek and Bulgarian border, and, for example, you will be able to have an immediate access to Istanbul or to the Aegean coast in the South. There are also routes to follow from large European cities to Istanbul by rail.


When you arrive to Turkey, you can choose from a wide range of options for travelling inside the country. There is a comprehensive air transport network in the country with vast geographic coverage. A lot of local and foreign airlines, Turkish Airlines being the most important one, offer flights at affordable prices. The domestic maritime and rail transport facilities are more limited, and there are not many options besides getting tickets through a travel agency or going on a pre-organized tour. Road transport is the most advanced form of transportation in the country with bus companies to suit every budget and an extensive highway network enabling you to get to any place in the country.


If you come to Turkey with your own car, wide highways between Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and resort areas in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions provide convenient and fast transport. Urban transport in all provincial centers and districts is provided by extensive public transport facilities. Especially in big cities metro and tram facilities provide fast and cheap travel options. On the other hand, on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts due to the small size of centers or absence of any settlements on certain coasts, the public transport options may be very limited or non-existent. Therefore, if you plan to visit different areas instead of staying at one coastal area during your vacation, having a travel agency arrange your vacation or renting a car will make your vacation much more convenient.