General information about migrating to Turkey for work and residency

Besides for vacations and trips, Turkey is a very suitable country for longer-term and even permanent stays. In this regard, there are a wide number of applicable ways that people use to to live and work in Turkey such as short- and long-term residency permits, work permits, application for citizenship, citizenship through marriage and dual citizenship. As Turkey is such a centrally positioned country in terms of geography, culture and economy, it is also one of the busiest countries in the world. The country is surrounded by the Balkans, the Caucasian region and the Middle East. It has a wealth of culture and diversity in which many different cultures exist together, it is a safe environment and its economy is growing and expanding constantly. These are just a few of the many factors contributing to millions of people flocking to Turkey for reasons besides holidays and tours. Many life stories have begun here with a simple tourist trip and ended up with finding a career, a house or a life partner. When you visit Turkey, you will see why this is not an unusual occurrence.



In Turkey, permits are required to work or stay for any other reason. Short-term residencies are usually given to foreign citizens who intend to live in Turkey for a maximum of one year. To apply for this permit, you must prove that you have either property in Turkey, a work connection or that you are going to work. For long-term residency permits, you must have been living in Turkey for eight years uninterrupted. Foreign citizens who have obtained this permit are able to live in Turkey without having to apply for citizen and, apart from a few citizenship rights, enjoy many of the same rights of Turkish citizens.



Work permits given by Turkey are categorised in four groups; limited work permits, unlimited work permits, independent work permits and extraordinary circumstance permits. Limited work permits apply to those who will be working in a certain workplace or occupation for a maximum of one year. At the end of this term, the permit can be extended by two years providing the individual is in the same workplace or occupation and at the end of this period a further three year extension is allowed. Unlimited work permits are given to residents who have been living or working in Turkey for an uninterrupted period of minimum eight years. Independent work permits are for foreign citizens who have been living in Turkey for a minimum of five years and are deemed to be contributing to employment and the economy. With recent legislation amendments, work permits in Turkey also count as residency permits.



In addition to resident and work permits, there are different options for those wishing to acquire Turkish citizenship. For example, mutual agreements with some other countries allow for dual citizenship. Foreign citizens who have been living in Turkey for at least five years may also apply for citizenship. A foreigner married to a Turkish citizen does not automatically gain the right to citizenship and requires an application process. This application is usually begun three years after the marriage.



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