Turkey has always succeeded in remaining a country that offers great opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs thanks to a number of factors despite the difficult recent years experienced by the world economy. The facilitation of easier foreign investment in recent years has also played an important role in this regard and enterprises with foreign partners have been very successful. A large population, a strong infrastructure network and a stable banking system as well as being the intersection point for many different markets are among the factors that provide benefits for new enterprises in Turkey.


One of the most famous successful new enterprises was Yemeksepeti.com, an online fast food ordering website. It was founded in 2001 and today reaches more than four million users in 63 provinces. The website has access to more than 10 thousand restaurants in Istanbul and its CEO, Nevzat Aydin, has won many awards for successful enterprise.


Another new initiative is the highly successful sahibinden.com website. It provides a platform for used item sellers and is primarily focused on property. It was founded in 2000 and, besides property, it also provides a platform for automotive sellers and buyers as well as other goods. It has won many Best E-Commerce website awards and, in 2010, was listed by Deloitte as Turkey’s fastest-growing 3rd website based on its 2300% growth rate over 5 years.


The online taxi calling service Bitaksi (bitaksi.com) is an upcoming new enterprise which shows great promise. Bitaksi can be uploaded as a smartphone app and a taxi can be called from the customer’s current location while providing ease of payment by credit card. The ability to follow-up the call provides security and a fast taxi service. Bitaksi won the most successful new enterprise award in 2015 and has been the inspiration for many similar apps.


Trendyol (trendyol.com) is one of Turkey’s largest and most successful e-commerce enterprises in the retail sector. It provides online shopping and home delivery for many world brands and has reached out internationally, partnering with several US brands. Trendyol co-founder, Demet Mutlu, is an active user of social media and was named as one of the Most Powerful Female Enterpreneurs in 2011 by USA’s Fortune magazine.


Another large and successful new venture in the online shopping sector is Markafoni (markafoni.com) which launched in 2008. The website offers all types of clothing, accessories, sports equipment, cosmetics and technology products. It has recently begun to ship overseas and now provides an international service. Shipping to Greece, South Korea and Australia, the company was awarded many e-commerce enterprise prizes.

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