Architecture & Landmarks

Turkey: Where Ancient And Modern Architecture Meet


Istanbul is where you can find Turkey’s most impressive modern and ancient structures.

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Ankara & Anatolian cities

If you visit the capital city of Ankara, the first place to see is Anitkabir.

Anatolian cities are better known for their historical structures than modern buildings.

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Other regions

Additional places to see in terms of beautiful architecture are the Aegean and Mediterranean regions which have thousands of Ancient Greek buildings to visit. One of the main sights is without a doubt, the Ancient City of Ephesus in Izmir which had a population of fifty thousand in its heyday. The city played an important part in Roman history and in Christianity and there are dozens of temples, churches and a large library building to see. These make Ephesus an important spot for sightseeing in terms of ancient history and architecture. Another must-see in the same region are the remains of the the Ancient City of Pergamon. The relics in the city’s Acropolis area and the ten thousand-seater ampitheatre remains today as a reminder of the city which, at one time, played an important role in civilization.