Witness The Elegance Of The Art And Design World In Turkey

The world of art and design in Turkey is wide spread from universities to industry, from personal development courses to workshops for amateur communities. Art and design along with such vital majors as construction, real estate, textile, industrial products, is studied in almost every university. It`s an area of ongoing research and innovative manufacturing with lots of congresses and symposiums. Art and design are also among the most popular hobbies and personal development areas especially for women in Turkey, who show intense interest in various courses spreading through every neighborhood. On the other hand, especially young art communities in the universities and cultural institutions conduct workshops and brave and experimental studies for development of modern and innovative approaches, enabling manufacturing of leading-edge products in this area.

Major business centers, plazas and shopping malls as a reflection of globalization in the 2000s demonstrate the most important works in the sphere of architectural design. Turkey’s highest building, the 261-meter high Istanbul Sapphire Building is the fourth tallest building in Europe and one of the examples of the modern architectural design trend in Turkey. Büyükdere Street where this building is located, houses the biggest number of such architectural style examples, including the most advanced ones as Business Towers, Sabancı Center and Kanyon Shopping Mall. A rapid growth of the construction sector in Turkey over the recent years has lead to a great leap forward in the sphere of interior design and architecture. Professional chambers and universitied conduct numerous interior architecture design competitions every year, providing new and vibrant ideas in the sector for both offices and residences.
The plastic arts are among the most developed areas of art and design in Turkey. The Istanbul Modern Art Museum, Sakip Sabanci Museum and Ankara Cer Museum of Modern Art in the first place and many other museums and art galleries diplay the latest art trends among paintings, sculptures and ceramics. Exhibitions of the world-renowned artists are often organized in Turkey. Along with works of such classical Turkish artists as Osman Hamdi Bey, Ibrahim Calli, Naci Kalmukoğlu, Şeker Ahmet Paşa, Abidin Dino and Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu, you can also see paintings of modern artists at such exhibitions. The art of sculpture is not as productive in Turkey, but there is a fairly large ceramic manufacturing and design activities. At the same time ceramics production, being an important economic activity, due to historical and tourism importance is directed by the Turkish Ceramics Federation.
Industrial design is another area, in which fast steps have been taken in the sphere of design. “Design Turkey” Industrial Design Awards presented by the Turkish Exporters Assembly plays a particularly important role in supporting innovation in design and is critical for moving towards foreign markets.


Qualified industrial design specialists so important for companies in the R & D sphere study at the first ever established in Turkey in 1971 by the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts Industrial Product Design Department. If you want to see the latest products in this field, visit a fair organized by the Professional Association of Industrial Designers. Finally, “Ankara Design” Industrial Design Fair, held every March in Ankara, display designs in such categories as home and office accessories, furniture, packaging products, sport, hobby and toy products.

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