Witness Turkey’s Texture By Experiencing Rich House Decorations!

You will find that the East – West and the Traditional – Modern dualities that dominate all the cultural and artistic areas of Turkey; also dominate the home decoration and architectural fields. You can stumble upon a traditional Turkish carpet, a doily or an ornamental brass Turkish coffee pot in the most contemporary homes.

The ever changing interior design trends also show significant differences due to variations in climate patterns and regional properties. For example, in Aegean and Mediterranean regions patio furniture hold great significance in interior design. However in the higher altitudes of the eastern regions where the winters are longer and harsher, you can witness the extensive usage of the types of fabric that are mainly used for heat insulation. During your trip, you can also experience the architecture and the interior design trends that are heavily affected by the neighboring cultures and that this is an important part of the cultural heritage of this land.

The traditional interior design patterns include; high and narrow sofas, wide and patterned Turkish carpets, crystal chandeliers, cabinets with crystal glass products and especially in the eastern regions, tapestries on walls. Modern houses in Turkey, along with other general global trends, adopted the minimalist trend, these designs included less patterned, simpler rugs, low and wide sofas and, side lighting instead of crystal chandeliers. The traditional houses consists of wood based furniture with gold lining or plating while modern houses use metallic and matte colored furniture. In the south and eastern regions you can see the effects of Arabic, Kurdish and Iranian cultures in every household. However in the West, in addition to the effect of the east, you can also find European inspired interior designs. There are many harmonious examples of these as well as ill-assorted and eclectic ones.

If you want to buy house decorations or ornaments that reflect the Turkish culture in your own home, you should stop by numerous shops and stores all around the country. The most famous place to go for this kind of shopping in Istanbul is the historical Grand Bazaar. With more than four thousand shops in the Grand Bazaar you will be able to find a wide variety of all sorts of house decorations from antiques to most modern designs. In the Grand Bazaar, you can especially find decorative fabrics and lighting products in the widest of variety. For budget friendly decorations and ornaments, you can visit the shops all around Grand Bazaar, go on a thirty minute ferry ride to Kadikoy, visit the stores around the district or simply go to one of the many shopping malls around town to shop at decoration stores. There is a home improvement store on nearly every street and district of Istanbul.

Turkey’s wide vegetation and its wide variety of trees in it allows decoration products to be made from many different types of wood. Particularly top quality wood products made from pine, walnut, oak and hornbeam should be preferred. The wood and cloth products commonly found in the southern resort areas of Turkey may show differences in terms of pricing. Therefore, good research before purchasing will prevent unnecessary high prices regarding products intended for tourists. Taking into account the things mentioned above, will allow you to take beautiful decorative souvenirs to your home country, which will allow you to relive your wistful memories from Turkey.