Turkey does not really have a tradition for photography artists, however this has changed with the advent of digitals camera technology and photography has seen a growth in interest. The competitions organised by the Turkish Photographic Art Federation and private associations, clubs, university clubs and departments have proven to be conducive in bringing more dynamism and interest to the art. Many have taken the opportunity to see exhibitions of photographic art by world-famous Turkish photographers such as Ara Guler, Merter Oral, Yucel Tuna, İsmail Acar and many more. These have enabled the visitor to see Turkey’s places and its people in a different light. In addition to the large galleries in major cities, there are many photography exhibitions to see in smaller towns, too. After visiting a few exhibitions you may then want to take your camera to create your own portrayals of the country’s natural and historical beauty spots.


If you are interested in photography then you must certainly pay the Istanbul Museum of Photography and the Istanbul Modern Arts Museum a visit. The Museum of Photography exhibits original works by Turkey’s famous photographers, and you can find many information sources about the subject in its library. The Istanbul Modern Arts Museum always has a photography exhibition going on. For example, this summer, the “Magnum – Contact Prints” exhibition is open to visitors. You can find out about the exhibitions, big and small, going on up and down the country on the internet in order to visit one nearest you. Try not to miss an exhibition by Ara Guler, who is Turkey’s most famous photographer and has had exhibitions in the USA, Germany, France and Great Britain. He has won many international and national awards too. His exhibitions are usually to be found in the ancient quarters of Istanbul and it will give you an opportunity to get to know local people also interested in photography.






Places to visit in Ankara for photography exhibitions are the Contemporary Arts Center and the Ankara Cer Modern Arts Museum. You can follow the events held by the Ankara Photography Artists Society (AFAD) and perhaps see some of these online. If you would like to see photographs of Turkey’s independence era then you should visit the Republic Museum. If you are planning to vacation along the Aegean Coast, there are exhibitions held by the Izmir Municipality. The Izmir Photography Artists Society (IFOD) regularly puts on shows and also aims to bring the art to the public by holding photography courses in order to encourage photography as a hobby. By taking part in these shows and events you will have only taken a short break from enjoying your Aegean sand and sea vacation.


In addition to photography artists, amateur photography has experienced a huge boost in popularity also. There is a very large range of activities to be found, from university clubs to societies and online sites. You can also participate in photography sightseeing excursions to the most beautiful regions of Turkey and record unforgettable memories of your vacation. Some travel agents will tailor photography tours for visitors and you can either join one of these or search online for suitable excursions. In addition to participating in organised photo tours, you will take part in the trip organized by the photos of famous photographers.