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You Won’t Be Able To Forget Turkey’s Unique Cuisine

Turkish delight

Turkish delight, one of the most well-known foods of the Turkish cuisine, is also one of the most popular traditional sweets from Turkey.

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Turkish Coffee

Istanbul’s bazaars and marketplaces with their diversity, colour and crowds provide interest for everyone. The most well-known of the traditional bazaars is the Grand Bazaar, which attracts the attention of tourists and locals alike.

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Delicious Street Food

Istanbul’s food culture is so varied and rich that it overflows restaurants into the streets. No matter what neighborhood you are in or no matter what season it is, you can certainly find all kinds of street food.

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Traditional Turkish Tea

Tea has a great and indisputable place in the cultural life of Turkey. On the one hand, tea comes first among the most consumed beverages in the country, but also Turkey ranks by far first in the world in terms of per capita tea consumption.

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Unique Turkey's cuisine

One of the things Turkey is most famous for is their unique cuisine. The end result of an impeccable combination of different civilizations and cultures; this cuisine includes world famous dishes and numerous hidden treasures.

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Turkey’s special beverages

When it comes to Turkey’s special beverages, undoubtedly the first one that comes to mind is Ayran.

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