Vestiges Of Greek, Persian, Hittite, Phrygia And Lycia Civilizations

The fact that archaeologists have discovered the remains of human settlements from the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages and discovered that this land was an important center of the era is proof of how much history this country has to offer. It is possible for you to see the vestige of old human settlements in caves that are now open to visitors to explore. The historical sites that contributed to the rich heritage of the ancient ages are the vestiges of Greek, Persian, Hittite, Phrygia and Lycia civilizations. You can see the traces of the Hittites, the first civilization to settle in Anatolia if you visit Hattuşaş and Alacahöyük. You can find the remains of Ancient Greek civilization, the foundation of western civilization and an important part of Turkish history, across the country. These lands are also the lands where the legendary Greek-Persian wars took place.