Modern Europe Started In Turkey!

Beginning in Europe to finally end the great empires of the era, one of the first places that this new thinking affected during the 19th century was what was later to become Turkey.. During this period, Istanbul and Izmir became important harbors for international trade and the Çukurova region became an important center for agriculture. All of this along with the rising nationalistic feelings in Anatolia were the initial indicators of the end of Ottoman Empire. In the end the Turkish Republic was founded and was an indicator of the emerging era of enlightenment and development. One of the most important periods of the modern history, events such as the founding of the Turkish Republic, the alphabet reform, clothing reform, the abolition of the caliphate, the education alliance, and the enactment of the modern civil law system are accepted to be among the most important developments in the history of Europe. In brief, Turkey’s remarkable history, with its fascinating and engulfing richness, is a treasure waiting to be discovered by all its visitors.