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Balloon tours in Cappadocia

You should take one of the regular balloon tours to fully enjoy spectacular beauty of Cappadocia, one of the most visited tourist destinations of Turkey with beautiful natural and historical landscapes. After a sightseeing of famous underground cities of Cappadocia, you should go up into the sky with one of these world-famous tours.

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Turkey’s geography and variations in climate have made it a country full of possibilities for ecotourism. Its large variety of biological life, rich water sources and lots of different geological substructures has contributed to the growing popularity of ecotourism in Turkey. The country has many natural passage-ways in the form of rivers and valleys and is abundant in flora and fauna with at least 420 known bird species and 9,000 flora varieties. Since the whole of Europe can boast of only 500 species and 12,000 flora varieties, the quantity in Turkey presents a spectacular wealth of natural habitat. This means that Turkey is an ideal spot for ecotourism.

In terms of ecotourism, the Black Sea region has experienced more interest than before thanks to its abundance of green and rich water sources. One of the most popular spots is the Firtina (Storm) Valley in the province of Rize. Its natural green environment is the perfect choice for nature excursions and the streams and rivers are found to be ideal for water-sports. The valley is mesmerising to visitors in its greenery and the Kackar Mountains nearby are well suited for mountain-climbing. If you ever visit the Firtina Valley, you must make sure to visit the waterfalls surrounding it.

A more traditional choice for ecotourism is Olympus, in Antalya, and the Kelebekler (Butterflies) Valley in Mugla’s town of Fethiye. Olympus is the nesting place for the eggs of the Carretta-Carretta turtles as well as being a popular spot for enthusiasts of trekking, canoeing, underwater sports and swimming. Due to Antalya’s hot climate, Olympus is a favourite destination at any time of the year. The Kelebekler Valley is a veritable treasure trove of live biology. It is home to more than 80 butterfly varieties and is a protected nature zone where guests can stay in tents. The Kelebekler Valley also hosts many ecological field projects and various art and self-awareness workshops.

Ecological field trips form another ecotourism activity which has grown in popularity over recent years. These excursions are organised by various foundations and agencies and consist of visiting ecological farms either as guests or volunteers. One such place to look at for such excursions is the Wheat Society which runs the TaTuTa (Agriculture, Tourism, Exchange) Project supported by the United Nations Development Programme. You can either volunteer to work at the farms which earn their livelihood through ecological farming or pay to stay as a guest. The organisation which runs the project is a good choice for those wishing to experience a genuine eco-trip.

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