You should take one of the regular balloon tours to fully enjoy spectacular beauty of Cappadocia, one of the most visited tourist destinations of Turkey with beautiful natural and historical landscapes. After a sightseeing of famous underground cities of Cappadocia, you should go up into the sky with one of these world-famous tours. Hot air balloon tours are extremely popular among tourists; one of the most enjoyable attractions of Cappadocia, a breathtaking experience of the dazzling fairy chimneys. If you take one of these tours, you will feel yourself in a dreamland, an unforgettable day of adventure with adrenalin running high. As the balloon tours draw more and more interest every year, they are now a part of the symbols of Cappadocia together with fairy chimneys.


Balloon tours are best enjoyed in clear and windless days and usually early in the morning or at sunset when the landscape is at its best. Before take off, a briefing on flight program and safety is provided while the balloons are inflated with hot air and the excitement peaks as the flight approaches. After the take off, you will find yourself sailing up in the air in one of your unforgettable experiences. The tours offer one hour, or one and a half hour flight time and balloons go as high as from a thousand feet up to five thousand feet while tourists watch sunrise or sunset. Balloons also enter valleys so that fairy chimneys and ravines can be seen closely.


The flight is followed by a small celebration with champagne and presentation of flight certificates. Tour companies usually offer Cappadocia balloon tours as package deals including transportation from your hotel, breakfast, appetizers, and the return transportation after the tour. We recommend you take a good camera when you attend a balloon tour, because you will find many postcard quality spectacular frames during the flight. The tours are organized year round depending on weather conditions, for this reason, regardless of the month of your trip; do not forget to call one of the tour companies.


There are many tour companies offering different options. They offer different flight options, different menus as well special activities like wedding and birthday parties on the balloons. After finding a tour of your choice and budget, the tour is only a phone call away!

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