Entertainment involving music and dancing are among the first choices of tourists. Hotels regularly organize nights with music, dance and food. Additionally, going to bars named “Folk Bars” you can dance the traditional halay to the folk music. If you prefer to sit and watch people dance, you can go to a variety of dance shows such as ballet, folk, latin and modern styles. If you opt for music, you can attend concerts with different genres of music such as, classical western music, classical Turkish music and folk music. For jazz music there are many international jazz festivals or jazz concerts organized throughout the year. Festivals are organized more frequently during the summer months and you can find a festival for almost all music genres to your liking. If you prefer to listen to classical music, you should follow the primed schedules of State Symphony Orchestra.

If you want to stay in the hotel, Turkish TV has a wide variety of TV channels. Lately along with movies and series, dance and cooking shows have become very popular among viewers. There are channels that stream in English, so you can watch TV without worrying about the language barrier.

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