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In the past, the most important consideration about living a healthy life in Turkey was related to hygiene issues. In Turkey, personal hygiene, cleanliness of the clothes and living spaces carry the utmost importance and cleaning constitutes most of the household chores. In the modern culture, although hygiene is still important, nutrition and sports are now additional important aspects of living a healthy life. This trend led to a new life style for many people who regularly visit dietitians and fitness centers. In addition, the magnificent beauty of nature in Turkey offers endless opportunities for those who enjoy sporting activity towards leading a more healthy life.


In recent years, a number of critical steps have been taken in Turkey to improve access to health care services, which helped improve health care benefits in the daily life of the Turkish people. Family medicine, which has been put into practice with recent government regulations, eliminated the need to visit large hospitals for many health issues. Access to health care services has become an integral part of daily life thanks to family doctors being assigned to every citizen and with family medical centers established in every neighborhood in Turkey. As the medical sector is now firmly developed and health services are inexpensive, Turkey has also become a preferred destination for “health tourism.” There are many tourists visiting Turkey from Europe every year for primary health care in particular for eye and dental surgery.


Magnificent mountains and spectacular rivers in Turkey are great destinations for those who enjoy nature sports for healthy living. Popular activities for city dwellers are weekend nature walks and trekking in the mountains and forests. In addition to these activities organized by sports clubs, jogging in the city is now a widespread phenomenon too. If you take a walk on İstanbul streets early in the morning, you will see many people jogging as a part of their morning exercise routine.


Together with increasing number of healthy nutritional and food programs on television, the healthy diet as part of people’s daily life has become a common practice in recent years.  As more and more women visit dietitians to lose weight, weekly nutrition programs increasingly become a part of Turkish society’s daily life. Although pastry, meat and fat rich Turkish food culture encounters difficulties to adapt to the new realities; a growing acceptance and sensitivity to the need for a more balanced diet has been driven by the establishment a new food culture in Turkey.


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