Learn A Hobby The Turkish Way

You can have fun in Turkey by learning different hobbies.


If you’re staying in Turkey for a long period of time, take up a new hobby with a Turkish slant on it. In Turkey you can enjoy a variety of hobbies, whereby a lot of these courses are given in English for tourists so you can join them without worrying about the language barrier.

Impress Your Friends - Learn To Speak Turkish

If you want to familiarize yourself with Turkey and if you desire to even settle for long term, learning Turkish as a new language can be a good idea. You can take courses  offered  by the  government, universities  and/or private companies to learn the rich language of Turkey. Some courses offer their students certifications. By learning Turkish you can speak with people more comfortably and have the chance to watch Turkish TV or experience Turkish forms of art fully. 

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Now That's Food

Another hobby you can pick up is cooking. You can sign up to courses offering Turkish cuisine lessons both in English and Turkish. You can also learn dishes of the Turkish cuisineinfluenced both by the west and east, from the cooking shows found on Turkish TV.

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Learn To Dance The Turkish Way!

Another fun hobby to learn is undoubtedly dancing. You can go to night clubs to watch and learn the dance moves directly, or you can take dance lessons. Turkish culture has a variety of different dances from belly dancing to halay or from horon to other folk dances. Learning to dance would be a great choice for entertainment during your time in Turkey. From resort cities to big cities it’s possible to find affordable dance courses anywhere in Turkey. In the end you can show off your moves back home!

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