The best way to experience Turkey’s rich music culture is to put aside your headphones and visit a place offering live music. You can follow the many events offering traditional and modern style music concerts that are organized weekly all around Turkey. Many of these concerts are often held in modern and large concert halls or at the big stadiums depending on how popular the event is and how many fans are expected to attend.. In almost every city, you can find concerts in all genres of music from western classical music and rock to the Turkish classical music, pop and folk music. An alternative is to enjoy live music by going to pubs where rock and jazz bands take the stage.


If you are visiting İstanbul and want to listen to live western classical music, you should attend the İstanbul State Symphony Orchestra concerts which are held throughout the year. Other concerts are performed at the gorgeous Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall which usually turn into genuine music feasts. Moreover, you can follow the International İstanbul Western Classical Music Festival program held during the summer months. If your choice is pop, rock and folk music, you can go to concerts at the Harbiye Open Air Theatre., an online ticket site, is a useful address to get information regarding concert programs from across Turkey at any time. There are also many rock bars and pubs offering live rock music across Turkey, especially in the Taksim and Kadıköy regions.


In Ankara, the concert halls of Bilkent University and Gazi University host many live music events. If your choice is western classical music, you should certainly follow the program of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. To listen to live rock, pop and folk music genres, you should visit Kızılay and Tunalı Hilmi, two places renown for live music. Ask your hotel for more information.


If you are visiting the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, never miss concerts performed at some of the areas more ancient theatres. You can attend one of the many concert and festival programs during your summer vacation; chief among them is the world-renowned Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival organized in Antalya. If you prefer a rock concert, do not miss the Zeytinli Rock Festival organized annually in Balıkesir. Besides, tourist destinations are usually full of bustling pubs and restaurants with live music so check out the wide spectrum of music available to you!