The Story of a Turkish Chef
Being a chef is kind of like a family tradition for us

Adana is also a big country but when we first came to Istanbul I had trouble adjusting to the crowds. We worked in a little restaurant and we knew and chatted with almost every customer. However in Istanbul, we see a different face every day and we also get a lot of tourists. Even though I’ve been here for a long time now, I can’t say that I’m completely used to it.

Even though Istanbul is crowded we can have picnics and barbecues just like we did in Adana. As soon as it’s spring, my wife, kids and I go to the Belgrad Forests or to Polonezköy for a picnic. My brother also lives in Istanbul and he knows how to play the “bağlama” really well. Sometimes he joins us and we have a good day in the forest with music and food.

I am really happy to live in Istanbul because there are opportunities of every kind in the city.