You Will Never Get Bored!

There are numerous activities you can join to enjoy your trip to Turkey to the fullest.

City tours

For example, one of the first things you should do when you arrive in Istanbul is attend a Bosphorus tour. You can journey from the historical peninsula up north towards the Black Sea and where you can witness the unique beauty of the Bosphorus with the tours organized by the city or private boat owners. During the breaks given on the tour, you will have a chance to taste delicacies of the Istanbul cuisine and later you can join a guided tour of the city in which you can learn interesting information about the city’s history. In regard of city tours, you can also go to the province of Balat, as well as Sultanahmet and Beyoğlu, which has become more popular among tourists in recent times. One tip: before you go on your city tour, make sure that your tour guide is certified to do this job.

Blue Voyage cruises

One activity you can join outside of Istanbul are the Blue Voyage cruises. These sea cruises sail around the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts allowing you to explore more than one bay, enjoy the turquoise waters of the sea and taste delicious seafood. Some of the cruises port of call include Greek islands to enrich your trip. These tours, which use different routes, can be one day trips or longer. In this regard you can arrange your trip with a travel agency and have that enjoyable Blue Voyage cruise.


During your visit to Turkey you can also join in on sports activities and try water sports like diving and rafting. Among the most popular spots for scuba diving are Bodrum, Büyük Resip, Antalya Üç Adalar, Datça Hisarönü, Antalya Kaş Flying Fish and Fethiye Afkule. As for rafting, the streams you can choose from aree thArtvin Çoruh River, Rize Valley of Fırtına, Muğla Dalaman River, Tunceli Munzur River aenthdor / Düzce Melen River. For those who prefer moreextreme sports can try paragliding or enjoy a hot airballoon ride. The ideal spots for paragliding are Fethiye Ölüdeniz, Antalya Kaş Asas Hill, İzmir Bozdağ and Eskişehir İnonü Training Center. For balloon rides your one and only choice should be Cappadocia.

Another enjoyable activity are winter sports. You can have a spectacular holiday by going to one of the following top ski resorts: Uludağ, Bolu Kartalkya, Kayseri Erciyes and Erzurum Palandöken.


Particularly in big cities, one of the activities which tourists show the most interest in are shopping tours. In addition to large shopping malls in Istanbul, you can go to the Grand Bazaar or Spice Bazaar to shop for gifts and souvenirs. These places were meant for tourists and thus the prices may be higher. However you can find more budget friendly options around Taksim, Kadıköy, Beşiktaş or Şişli. If you want to visit big shopping malls, on the European side you can go to Cevahir Mall, Kanyon Mall and Istinye Park mall and on the Asian side you can opt for Akasya Mall, Palladium, Viaport Outlet(Near Sabiha Gökçen Airport) and Tepe Nautilus. When you’re shopping in Istanbul, you will see that the prices are a lot more affordable than those in Western countries.