All This Natural Beauty In Turkey? Really?

You can find natural beauties all over Turkey, however some of these places have a world-wide reputation and leave its visitors with unforgettable memories.


In this regard, the first one that should be mentioned is undoubtedly Pamukkale. This natural wonder, located in the beautiful Aegean city of Denizli is made of magnificent travertines which are the sediments of the chemical reactions that occur in the thermal water springs. The ancient Greek city of Hierapolis was also in Pamukkale, where there are 17 water areas between the degrees of 35-100 Celsius. The region is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Being 2700 meters long and 600 meters wide, this natural wonder is a visual feast as well as a thermal spring which offers healing properties for disorders such as rheumatism, eye and skin diseases. Pamukkale is approximately 20 km from the city center of Denizli, and can be reached with in 30 minutes by bus.


One of Turkey’s other world-famous natural wonders is Cappadocia; a city visited by thousands of tourists every year. The geological events that took place millions of years ago created the fairy chimneys and other geological formations, thus the region has become an important center for nature trips.


These geological formations were created by erosion of the tuff layers. Due to the soft structure of tuff layers it’s easy for them to be chipped away and thus people historically used them for homes.. One of the best ways to witness Cappadocia’s natural beauty is by participating in hot air balloon ridehundreds of meters high. Another must see place for the nature lovers is the gas source Yanartaş located in Antalya. Located on the cliffs in the north of Çıralı beach in Kemer, this natural gas vent has been the subject of Greek mythology, and is thought to be one of the first sources of inspiration of the Olympic torch.

Valley of Butterflies

Accommodating more than eighty butterfly species, the Valley of Butterflies, 350 meters in height, has been recommended for preservation due to the presence of several rare species. Located in Fethiye district of Muğla, the Valley of Butterflies is an important site in terms of science, especially botany, and is the center of attention for many scientific research programs and nature enthusiasts. Transportation to the valley is provided by the Ölüdeniz and because of its steep hills it is advised to take a tour guide. On the other hand, one of the country’s unique natural beauties, Ölüdeniz, was named “the world’s most beautiful beach” by the German newspaper Bild in 2006. Famous for its turquoise waters and tranquility, Ölüdeniz beach is also one of the most important areas for paragliding.


During your nature trips if you want to witness the magnificence of the great mountains located in different parts of Turkey you should visit mountains such as, Mount Ağrı, Mount Erciyes, Mount Nemrut and Mount Uludağ. It is believed that Mount Ağrı, the highest mountain in Turkey, is the mountain mentioned in Noah’s legend. Climbing to the Mount Ağrı’s summit is one of the main goals of professional climbers. The tourists may enjoy the scenery from the foot of the mountain.

Located in Kayseri in Central Anatolia, Mount Erciyes is another favorite destination both for locals and tourists. Erciyes hosts scientific congresses and symposiums and is also the home to many ski resorts. Mount Nemrut is located in the southeastern region, near the city of Adıyaman. The majestic scenery of the Commagene statues at the mountain’s summit attracts tourists from all over the world.

If you are going to spend your holiday in the western regions and you love mountains and winter sports, the place you have to go is Uludağ. Located to the south of the Marmara sea, in Bursa, Uludağ is approximately 2500 meters high and is the largest winter resort area in Turkey.