If you want to spend your holiday in a highly unusual location, the kind that you rarely stumble upon, you could go to Patara beach. The most important Lycian port, the ancient city of Patara, lies a few kilometres from the beach. If you walk along the path to Patara beach, you will find that there is not only the sunshine and the sparkling white sand but also a whole new era of history that you will be visiting.


The ancient city of Patara is situated close to one of the Mediterranean’s most famous holiday resorts, the town of Kalkan in the district of Kaş, in Antalya. It is also very near to Fethiye, another holiday resort similar to Kalkan. Patara beach is one of the nature’s most amazing works and could well be the setting for the most exciting surfing you ever do; perfect sunsets you ever witness, from sand dunes which resemble the desert; and the freshest air, fragrant with pine, that you ever breathe. It is a unique experience to have a relaxing walk on the beach and swim in the sea accompanied by the views of the ancient city. In the meantime, don’t forget to explore the world’s first lighthouse and say hello to the Caretta-Caretta turtles.


The beautiful, white fine sand of Patara beach and the turquoise sea dazzle under the sun. Legend has it that the sand has extraordinary healing powers. Patara beach is renowned for its very shallow waters and is often chosen by families with children for a vacation. If you want to swim in deep water, you will have to go far away from the beach. The beach is unsheltered, open on all sides, which means that it is always windy with big waves crashing onto the shore, making it an unmissable destination for surfing fans. Patara Beach, stretching over 18 kilometres, is Anatolia’s longest beach and together with the fact that there are also sea turtles laying eggs on the beach, the beach has become a special protected area. Furthermore, because of its stretching shoreline and its sand dunes resembling a desert, the beach has been used from time to time as a film location for Turkey’s renowned film industry, known as Yeşilçam cinema.


Patara Beach combines nature and history, as well as unusual activities. The horse safari tour that offers you a chance to riding a horse along the beach is full of fun; especially you may feel like riding in the desert. Patara beach is also one of the ideal places for many water sports including canoeing, paragliding, kayaking and scuba diving. Only a 20- minute walk away from the beach, there are the Taurus mountains, where the air is fresh and crisp atop of the mountain. And the journey to the mountain is a lovely hike. Kaputaş Beach can be reached by boat, and you can get to renowned beaches such as Ölüdeniz, Saklıkent and Kaş with local public minibus services, known as dolmuş. The community of Gelemiş is very close to the beach and those who have a holiday in this region usually choose to stay in the village of Gelemiş. The village also provides a wide array of local restaurants as well as some sophisticated ones. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs in the area, so you won’t have the opportunity to get bored in the evenings.

Since Patara Beach is a protected area, it is not allowed to enter the area by motorised transport, but this certainly doesn’t mean that transportation is difficult. For those who choose to go by plane, they can fly to Dalaman or Antalya airport. After passing Kalkan, there is the Antalya-Fethiye road where you will find a path to Patara. Take the road and after six kilometres, you are in the residential area near the Patara beach. Also, every day there is local minibuses (dolmuş) departing to Patara Beach from places such as Fethiye, Kaş, Kalkan, offering safe and comfortable services to travellers.