For those who want to throw off the year’s accumulated fatigue, far away from the land on the vast seas, embracing vibrant blues and greens, this marine journey in south-western Turkey offers an unforgettable opportunity.


It is possible to start your sea journey of the Southwest from many different departure points. There are many different routes for cruises, and there are itineraries last for a week, two weeks or longer to ensure that you are entertained and relaxed. These cruises in Turkey are not only a holiday where you can swim in the sea; they also offer you a ‘blue voyage’ where you will see natural landscapes and bays, each more beautiful than the next and enjoy delicious banquets with a broad range of food and drinks. Furthermore, during your cruise holiday, you will be able to enjoy different water sports, explore historic buildings and ancient cities, and shop as you wander through bazaars and markets, each with their distinctive colours.


If you wish to take a daily boat tour from the coastal area where you are staying, you will be able to find many different choices. You may book a boat trip on the internet in advance, or you may take a stroll in the marina, the evening before, and find out about the tours and make a reservation at the kiosks. You can simply look at the boats and choose whichever one takes your fancy. There are crowded, fun tours with music where you can dance all day or for those who prefer a calmer cruise, there are ‘quiet’ cruises, which take fewer passengers. Apart from the daily tours, if you have the opportunity to take a weeklong ‘blue cruise’, we recommend that you do so. There are many tour companies in Turkey, which operate very professionally and provide high levels of customer service. Amongst the most popular of these ‘blue cruises’ are the Aegean-Mediterranean tours. This sea route, which boasts Turkey’s most beautiful seascapes, is the perfect choice for these cruises. Since you will be staying on board overnight, you will have plenty of time for sightseeing.


It is easy to access ‘blue voyage’ cruises departing from Istanbul, and if you are considering an Aegean-Mediterranean cruise then Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek, Fethiye and Antalya harbours are all possible departure points. Depending on your chosen tour, the different bays of Çeşme, the ancient city of Ephesus, Şirince, Bodrum, Datça, Cleopatra’s Beach, Marmaris, Saklikent, the ancient theatre of Aspendos, and the beautiful bays of Antalya, could be on your route. If you want to expand your horizons even further than all this, then it is also possible to find tours which will take you on a ‘blue cruise’ from Turkey as far as the Greek islands. These tours are very common and straightforward, even just for a day. Amongst the possibilities for departing on a ‘blue voyage’ in Turkey, without a visa, from Izmir and Antalya, you can visit some of Greece’s superb bays such as Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Crete and Piraeus.


Most tour prices are extremely reasonable as they include transportation, food, guide services, accommodation and mandatory travel insurance. If you are going as a group or as a family on such a trip, you may be able to get an additional discount. Turkey will always be there, waiting for you with a blue voyage, which won’t easily be forgotten and about which you will be telling your friends for years.